I've got a lot of ideas in my head. And I love nothing more than spending the day at the drafting table, quietly making them come to life.

I've been in love with comic books since I was five, maybe? One Sunday, my Dad bought me a Fraggle Rock comic at a drug store and I pored it over as we were both waiting to get our hair cut. Even though I was totally bonkers about that show at the time, it felt like that world went even deeper when it was just pictures and panels and my mind had to fill in all the rest. It was an intense story, too, if I remember correctly. I think there was some sort of radish shortage, which is a pretty big deal when you're a fraggle.

After that, I drew superheroes and monsters until my ball point pens ran out. In school, I got both awards and detentions for my drawings, and my Mom was always proud of me for both. I ended up going off to college to study comic book art, eventually publishing my own comic book. Just the first issue, though, 'cause nothing beats a cliff hanger ending.

I've worked for over seven years as a freelance illustrator now, and there have been a lot of highlights for me along the way. I've worked with advertising agencies, a fitness camp for weight-challenged teens, and have illustrated an educational series of books for kids. Kids just about the same age I was when I picked up that first comic book.

I am currently working to realize a few of my own children's book stories. With a little luck, some day they'll fall into the right pair of tiny little hands and help inspire a head full of ideas and many happy years of quietly making those ideas come to life.

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